I got home from work, and found that John's and Anke's prints in my mailbox. Thank you for the wonderful prints.

Anke: I loved the depth and details in the print, and the brush strokes just add to the composition. It's a technique I also use on occasion. Interesting, just looked up the Argyrotype process, and may have found out that clearing my VDB's in chlorinated tap water may be causing the colour which I do not like. I am also interested in your technique for generating the enlarged negative, I had used in the past, but a two step process, a intermediate film positive, then onto the final negative. Thank you.

John: I loved the feeling of enveloping light on your print, and the great tonal range. It has also motivated me to explore the urban landscape more, we are often distracted in Calgary by the proximity of the mountains, and provincial parks, that we often overlook what we see everyday. Thank you.