Sorry for the brevity of this reply. I need to leave in a couple minutes to go to beautiful Grand Ledge for my Big Brother's 50'th.

DKT, Please send me the ISBN. I am very interested.
Jorge, Big Mac et al. The work flow *is* wrong it is set up to facilitate drainage -- I will need to re think this.

Bob, The RA4 Processor is badly positioned -- Good Call! I will need to move it so that I have better access.

voceumana, The l1200 has separate mixing chambers for 35mm, 120 and 4x5. You are correct I will need to think longer and harder about the layout.

Brian The drier is a film drier the prints were going to be dried outside.

But I am very interested in alternatives.

Jorge, The RA4 processor *is* mostly outside of the DR.

I'll go in to greater detail later.

Thanks again!