Gary, sorry but I don't think I'll be selling my Diana any time soon. I think I worded my post oddly, which gave the assumption that I wasn't happy with my Diana... which isn't true at all. I am already very familiar with Toy cameras, in fact the only photos I have sold so far have been made with a Holga. My question is, aside from the fact that Dianas are not being produced anymore, why are images made with a Diana more "special" than images made with a Holga. I find a Holga to be much more difficult to work with, since it only has 1 working aperture and 1 shutter speed (I do know that Holgas can be modified to give you a bulb setting, and if you buy one of the Holgas from you can use both a bulb setting and a normal 1/100th in the same camera... the spring is not ripped out). Whereas the Diana has 3 apertures and 2 shutter speeds, 1 of them being a bulb setting. The only technical advantage, in my opinion, a Holga has is the hot shoe. Also, Andy, in addition to the basic Holga and Woca, they make both with built-in flashes. Thanks. -Grant