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I have one at work and it is great for small pieces of wood or styrene. It would not be adequate for ripping 3/4 inch hardwood, though. It is really a fun thing to use, but it really is not adequate for what you will need.
Yes I have to agree with you, it doesn't have a big old 3/4 horse GE motor. But the accuracy is due to the table saw fence! A good fence will give you the repeatable cuts.

The wood you will be buying will be 15/16 inch thick from a vendor like "CrossCut Hardwoods" and you will need a good saw blade, not the 32 tooth cheapie but a 60 tooth or greater finishing cut carbide saw blade and that is not cheap, my wife always asks me why I need the $70.00 saw blade, it saves time, ie: much less sanding. Even with my old 3/4 horse motor I've had to wait for the motor to cool down the thermo protection and yes that old motor pops the 20 amp fuses with out a problem if the saw gets binded up in the hardwood.