I can understand your point too Kevin. I have only sent fibre prints for exchanges. They are toned and spotted, titled, signed and dated on the reverse. They are my best work.

I don't mount or matt the prints as I find that the mounts do not survive the post that well. The few mounted and matted prints that I have received over the years have all been damaged in some way. Obviously you can really go to town with the packaging to prevent this, but this will increase the postal costs enormously. I think that if we forced everyone to mount and matt then the price would be too exorbitant for many people, especially with international postage rates. I leave it up to the recipient to mount and matt the print if they wish.

Part of the enjoyment I receive from the print exchanges is in making and the giving of my best attempt. Obviously, it is disappointing if you receive a piece of work back which isn't up to your own standards -- it's even worse when nothing arrives.

I hope this doesn't put you off (or anyone else) participating!