it is interesting stuff. I'm not sure how much thinking needs to be done when looking at his stuff, so here is my first impression. The flapping boy seems to force the viewer to compare the somewhat accidental bird like creation to the child or vis versa -- yet in most of his images it is the people who are unstable/out of focus and the setting that is more concrete so I think we’re asked, or at least I am driven to see the wall first and the child 2nd. The masks take the people who are often in context and common out of context and not so common. The general discontent of viewing the people/children in masks is an interesting response. The trees are suffering from camera shake and are possibly out of focus. Like the other objects, blurry, shaken trees are not what we expect -- trees are solid not shaken. When I view the photographs I try to penetrate the masks and see the grocers as grocers etc... If they had no masks I might not look so hard at the people. I'll need to look and think on this some more. Good choice Suzanne.