Personal apology to Fred, Monty, Anke and John. I swear I will send these prints out. They are done, I just haven't packaged them for the mail. I am very sorry for being so late.

Now, you guys are adding to my guilt, since the prints I have received from everyone are so beautiful. Where do I start?

John sent an 8x10 salt print of an empty building interior. Not only have I never seen one, he also sent a fantastic write up AND also sent the formula. Talk about rubbing salt in my guilty wounds! John, thank you so much for this beautiful print and detailed write up.

Fred also sent an 8x10, but this is a palladium-platinum print of a stream on very cold winter day in Calgary. I can't get large areas of white as white as you have in this image Fred. I like the detail showing through too.

Anke sent a 4x5 cyanotype of the interior of a local church. The image, with the border patterns, really conveys an image of depth. I guess one day, when I'm old and on my deathbed, I think this would be the path I'd like to take to the light. Assuming I'm heading upwards instead of downwards, that is. Oh who am I kidding?

Finally, I am saving the best for last. I just cannot describe how completely overwhelmed I am with the print I got from Monty. All I can say is I absolutely love this image. Seriously, if I miss the post office again this weekend, it will be because I will be having this print custom matted, mounted and framed. To me, it's just a spectacular print.

Regards, Art.