I think you might be missing the point or maybe it is just me, in any case my take on it is this, some of us sell our work as a living and our standards are high but definitely not untouchable as I / we take a lot of pride in every photograph we create. With any photograph I send out in the world if it be for a trade with another photographer of for sale, I always Spot, Mat, mount, number, sign each and every photograph as I only what my best efforts to be seen. I always do it to the highest quality that I am capable of providing.

I do not think these standards are to high at all. If I send a photograph I would expect one of the same quality coming back. I realize that many do this as a hobby and that is wonderful, but if I am going to spend 10-12 hours on a photograph and in return receive one that is not like quality I would be bummed, not upset but I guess more disappointed you could say.

Again just my two cents and they are not worth much anyway...

And please this post in on way was to create a flame war. I am just giving some thoughts on the subject.