Thanks to FredW, UKJohn and Art for their nice words, I'm pleased to hear you like my print.

thanks for this interesting print, I never got this tonality and colour with my first steps in salted paper printing, so I have a new target to reach

I'm overwhelmed by your print, the size, accuracy and everything..., but if you want to share I would like to know something about your process, some technical details please.

thank you again for your print, it was not bended, only the borders were affected and I'm sure this will flatten down, if not I will follow your suggestions.

And thanks to all, as the prints show to me a very different point of view than mine.

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Interesting, just looked up the Argyrotype process, and may have found out that clearing my VDB's in chlorinated tap water may be causing the colour which I do not like.
Sometimes a hot Iron can change the colour of a VDB to a more neutral brown like the one one gets with Argyrotype.

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I am also interested in your technique for generating the enlarged negative, I had used in the past, but a two step process, a intermediate film positive, then onto the final negative. Thank you.
Fred: are there any more things you want to know about the process than I mentioned in the enclosed letter?