Well, disaster has struck! After an hour and a half of making trial and work prints (with some dillydallying in between) I begin the first of my "good" prints to send out. 7 bursts of 3 second exposures is my goal. Six go by, dodging according to plan, then on the 7th burst... BZZT. Enlarger bulb burns out. The timing on it was too perfect for me to be upset, it was almost comical that I was excited to see how my first good print would turn out, then just as I was turning my thoughts to processing, there she goes. :rolleyes: Anyone know where I can find a General Electric #212 150W enlarger bulb in Nanaimo, on short notice? I can see tomorrow will be spent hunting hardware stores for a suitable temp bulb. Hopefully everyone else has avoided any unavoidable mishaps!

Good night, and good luck,

- Justin