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Antje, if you have time and aren't planning a nice surprise that would be spoiled by discussing it with him, why don't you talk things over with your father and then buy gear that will suit him and fit your budget? I mean, there's a world of difference between shooting closeup with a press or view camera and doing the same with a nice convenient SLR. And if he thinks that using an extension tube or two on an SLR is too much, surely he'll hate using a press or view camera.


Dan, you see, that's what we *usually* do. Didn't work this time, he expects the big surprise and is just dropping hints. :rolleyes: It's all because of my mom's sudden display of talent.

He actually owns a Canon 20D with a macro lens. But it has to be film and, I think, MF. He's also a little envious of my Hassy. And to admit it: I selfishly loved the 4x5 comment because I've been thinking about that for myself.