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Now, if this is a valid option without spending a few years in prison, does anyone have any suggestions for the must see places to do some street work in D.C./Va./maybe even Baltimore.
I would suggest caution in dealing with any enforcement types in these areas - be polite and answer questions sensibly. A range finder should be adequate.

In Wash., any of the monuments should be available. In Balt. the harbor and Dundalk area will offer opportunities. I highly recommend Annapolis city. The PD there is pretty laid back and it is quite quaint with lots of waterfront activity year round.

And BTW, my neighbor in good standing, John is head of the Park Police on the Balt-Wash Parkway (Southern Div.), so if anyone desires to get into trouble there, let me know in advance and I'll feed forward some warning John made national headlines a while back when he drove the tractor out of the reflection pool . (My apologies, John.)