UKJohn, Anke, Art, and Fred,

Thanks for all the beautiful prints and the kind words to the print I sent out. Art I would be honored to be on your wall!! I am pleased that everyone so far has enjoyed it. Fred I remain amused that something can get to Germany and England before Calgary but such is the world it seems some time. i hope you won't have to wait too much longer to receive it.

All of the prints are beautiful. These print exchanges serve in so many ways. First they let you know you are not on an island pursuing these different process's and that so much excellent work is getting done all over the world. I like that kindred spirit that is exchanged along with the prints. Secondly seeing the great prints help refine your own vision by seeing the world up close through the eyes of another and how they did it up against how you might of under similar circumstances. That exchange is worth the whole process--the print seems like a prize at the end! Thanks to all.

Okay a bit now about the process i used. Sorry I was having some printer issues and got lazy on handwriting info out. So here it is.

This print came from a trip taken earlier in the summer when I moseyed on through Mingo Junction, Ohio. This is the town where they shot the movie Deer Hunter. Its a steel town and this structure was part of a massive steel factory. Shot mid day under intense sunlight. f64 @ 1/60th of second. The 7 x 17 negative is indeed shot in camera and is TMAX 400 film which I bought through the TMAX order that John at JandC ran 2 years ago (now if I could just get the 2300 dollars worth of 20 x 24 film I ordered from him or a refund life would be peachy, okay okay no bitter rant here I promise). If you will notice the print is just under 7 x 17 though as the intense sunlight worked its way in the side for a small amount of light leak (Even my good ones usually have some "MONTY" in them somewhere, which in this case meant that I forgot to leave my darkcloth on when I pulled the darkslide out). I trimmed it off and printed just shy of the original 7 x 17 inch negative. The print is a Palladium print with one drop of Na2 which adds a bit of Pt to the print and gives it just a pinch of contrast that I felt the print needed. The paper is 16 x 20 Cot 320 from Bostick and Sullivan that is cut in two for two prints per sheet. I developed in Potassium Oxalate and cleared with the Sodium Sulfite/EDTA mixture in Arentz's book. Thats about it. I am hopeful to see if I can do a gum over/Pd print soon of the negative to compare it but I too love it the way it is!

Thanks again and I hope it works out that we would be in groups in the future. If anyone has any further questions please don't hesitate to ask here or via a pm.