I have been using 3% citric acid for clearing per Sandy's article. Using platinotype (gold toned) I find the image bleaches too much at 4 min and is much more acceptable at 2 min. I have seen references that suggest 2 minutes may be adequate. I am using a step tablet so I can see significant areas of same tone. I have had no stain in the unexposed sensitized area after 8 min development in sodium citrate - not ever, not once. So the print appears to be clear before it hits the clearing bath. Oddly enough in Dick Steven's book there is reference to a clearing bath that includes sodium citrate and citric acid, which was recommended for use after developing in sodium acetate.

Is it possible the print is completely cleared in the developer (using sodium citrate)?

I thought Iíd try a 1% or 2% solution of citric acid for different times. But if the image has no stain to clear how can I analyze whether all iron compounds have been removed? I checked the test on Jeffery Mathiasís website and I could not understand the procedure. Perhaps someone can clarify the procedure for me:

Do I process normally after applying the 1% solution of Potassium Ferricyanide ?