Hi everyone;
right now I am up to about 6-7 people, and a couple more "pending" or will try to come, which is pretty good, IMO. Not all LF shooters, but hey, anybody with film is welcome.

Will keep everyone updated. The real issue I am finding is people wanting to come, but not able to becasue of work or other commitments. But the demand for gathers is there to be certian.

Given the large number of scenic locations in southern Ontario - everything from the simple, such as the waterfall at Rock Glen, Arkona (you would have to have that shoot in late July, when all the local cherries are ripe and for sale ), to the esoteric and hard to reach like Petroglyph Park near Peterborough ( one of the few places in Ontario with pre-historic petroglyphs you can see carved into rock), there's a ton of opportunity.

I think the only way to go about it is to 2-3 events planned informally throughout the year. Somebody is always going to be busy one weekend or another, but a person might always be free for at least one of them.

Let me know what you guys think, who knows what we can come up with