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I am building a darkroom and I am doing the framing Monday and need to know if 8x12 will work or do I need 10x12. I will be doing 4x5 negs and want to print at least 16x20 and maybe 30" prints.

Please advise current darkroom owners, as I really need advice here.

I need to make a decision but because I never owned a darkroom before I am not sure as to the size I am going to need. I have worked in many darkrooms but I never really thought about the dimensions.


Bottom line: More is Better. Regardless of neg size more room is better than less room. Whatever your constraints are, go for the maximum space. People process in in bathrooms, closets, under the kitchen table and I know of one woman who used to use a goat shed in Calif. until she built a "real" one. My first darkroom was 5'X11' which was not nearly enough room so my present one is 9X10 (55 SqFt to 90 SqFt) and it is not big enough - my point is whatever it is, it won't be big enough.