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I have been using 3% citric acid for clearing per Sandy's article. Using platinotype (gold toned) I find the image bleaches too much at 4 min and is much more acceptable at 2 min. I have seen references that suggest 2 minutes may be adequate. I checked the test on Jeffery Mathiasís website and I could not understand the procedure. Perhaps someone can clarify the procedure for me:

Do I process normally after applying the 1% solution of Potassium Ferricyanide ?

There are actually two tests on Jeffrey Mathias' site. With one you simply coat the paper, taping part of it to creat a line between coated and uncoated area. Remove the tape, draw a line between the two areas, and process normally to test your procedures. The second test involves the indicator and I don't follow completely how tht works.

I suggest you try the test above, cutting the test sheet into three or four pieces. Then develop each, without any exposure, for yournormal development time sodium citrate and, then clear for different times in citric acid, say for 1, 2, 3 and 4 minutes. Continue with the rest of your processing and when dry examine the tests using a very bright light. There should be no difference at all in color between the area that was coated and uncoated.

BTW, I did not really understand what you mean by gold tioned platinotype? Are you making kallitypes or Pt./Pd. prints? Or is platinotype the paper?