Just saw a very nice exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York that uses the photos of the chief photographer for the NYC Dept of Bridges, Plants and Structures. It runs through October.

The exhibit is of 50 original and contemporary prints of the many of New York's bridges, etc., made from the 8x10 glass negatives in the city's archives. The prints are a mix of printing-out-paper, and original (selenium toned) and contemporary silver gelatin prints.

The prints are beautiful. The compositions are surprisingly artful given the origin of the photos. The use of depth-of-field is truly beautiful.

As someone who works in construction, has a background in historic preservation, and has a fascination with NYC history, this show was a hat-trick. Unfortunately, the book accompanying the exhibit wasn't much more than reproductions of the exhibit. Given the size of the archives, the book could have been much, much more comprehensive.