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I wish I could but I'm contending with some pulled muscles in my back. Where will you be parking to start your hike? That sounds good for a repeat hike when the fall colors arrive.

Here is my google earth plots. it isn't drawn, but a road comes in from the east (dirt road) to the parking area.

I might be up for going back, in case I back out on this trip, so keep in the back of your mind. Kind of a trudge, with large format gear... worse than our Raven Cliff Falls trip, but more rewarding.

Sorry to hear about your back. Get healed up quick! There is so much to do within about 20 mile radius of this area... much to see near the vehicle. It really makes sense to camp, but you could probably get to the parking spot in about a 2 to 2.5 hour drive from Atlanta. I hiked down and camped at the falls about 20 years ago, but I seem to remember I parked south of the river, and hiked in to the north. This parking area seems a bit more direct....