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Ah, OK, got it - something like the Arca Swiss F! That is probably going to be over the budget, but wow, looks really sweet.
I have a modern type Arca M, but for much of my work I use the old 'pre-M, pre-F' models. These are just as beautifully made, light and rigid, and currently a bargain on the used market. Apart frm the format frames and the bellows most parts are interchangeable between the old and new types, or can be made so with very little work. A used 'old style' Arca 6x9 is a very nice macro camera.

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I see your arguments, but the DOF on 4x5 really isn't bad for macros, and there is so much precision focusing it on that big ground glass.

I've tried it with 8x10 as well, and that's more of a problem; in part because you really do have to stop down a lot and you get into reciprocity problems.
Well, I did say that I liked 4x5 for macro, and I do do it, and 10x8 too. But for the OP's purposes, I wouldn't recommend it as the place to start. I wasn't saying 4x5 is bad for macro - quite the opposite - but responding specifically to the OP's question, to which I think there are better answers.