Thank you, Ed, for your informative article. I finally had the chance to try this over the weekend, and had a lot of fun in the process. I pretty much followed your instructions, except for a different dilution of sensitizer and I brush coated, and was able to come up with an ok print (I need more practice&#33.

I used Fortezo DW FB grade 3, and simply brushed on a 5% ammonium dichromate solution after fixing and drying the paper. I can't really comment on exposure times, as it was partly overcast part of the time and I was able to get direct sunlight the rest of the time, I just judged when it looked like it received enough exposure. I'm using ink from the Graphic Chemical and Ink Company.

Sensitizing the paper was a bit different from what I expected, though (as compared to other alt processes I've tried). Using a brush to spread the dichromate, if felt like the gelatin surface of the paper was getting sticky, and I did have some problem with some of the dichromate beading up (like water drops on a car that has just been waxed). It's hard to say whether this beading up affected anything or not (it seemed to all wash out after exposure) because I still need practice in inking the print. Next time, I think I'll try a little less dichromate solution to coat the paper, in hopes that it doesn't bead up.

I was just wondering if you had this same problem of little droplets of sensitizer on your paper, and if you did anything about it. It could be that I just need to learn how to coat it a little better!