The short answer to your question about the extra shutter speed, is no.

One way to check is to fire the camera on the slow swing with the back open. As you fire from the slowest to the fastest of the three slow speeds, you will notice that the vertical slit gets smaller. Meaning that the film gets a narrower slit exposure for each faster speed.

The 202 is a very good camera if you take care with it.

The ND filter is a 1 stop filter, not the usual 2 stop of ND filter most people know of. The filter is marked at the back as 2X which denotes 1 F stop.

The coloured B&W filter is a yellow/green filter and is very good I use it nearly all of the time with B&W film.

The third filter is a UV filter.

On my camera the lens is quite sweet between f4 through to f11. At f2.8 it is still quite good, as long as the critical subject is at least 3 metres away.

I also have used the camera exclusively with bulk loaded B&W film since I bought the camera new in 1994.

I run mainly B&W but also colour neg film and many years ago I ran some slide film through for colour seps on a travel brochure. Those colour pictures looked really good when spread across two pages in the brochure and through the gutter.

My gallery has some horizon pictures in it, some of them are interesting, at least I believe so.