Thanks to everyone who replied. I hope to see this thread continue.

Very interesting replies about what is (and isn't) being enjoyed. I especially envy those of you who bring out the "big stuff".

So far, only one TLR shooter. Thought they'd be more popular. In the past year I have gone out with a SEM, Rolleimagic, Mamiyaflex, and Flexo, among others in my collection.

I seem to be the only selenium-cell shooter. I realize most of the meters are dead by now, but if you found a camera from this era that was safely stored in its case, many times the meter is still active. The selenium cell era was quite interesting.

Loaded, but sitting on a shelf for a couple of months, is what I consider my sharpest street shooter, a Koni Rapid with 58mm. Just haven't had an opportunity to take it out.