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Rights work both ways, the photographers rights and the property owners. If you published without a property release, you could get sued and loose.
This is true. But you have omitted enough information to be misleading.

Photos of people and property can be published for editorial and educational purposes without a release. Proper captioning is key.

To use photos of people or property for advertising use you need a model or property release.

Having a release doesn't necessarily protect you from a lawsuit if a photo is used in a defamatory method.

e.g. Book Cindy Crawford for a model shoot. Put it with your agency and somehow a high end escort agency ends up using dear Cindy's image to promote their services... "whole lot a suing going on!"

You'd probably safe since the terms of any stock agency strictly forbid that sort of use, but less obvious transgressions happen in editorial and advertising scenarios and generally everyone loses except the lawyers.