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I also have used the camera exclusively with bulk loaded B&W film since I bought the camera new in 1994.

I run mainly B&W but also colour neg film and many years ago I ran some slide film through for colour seps on a travel brochure. Those colour pictures looked really good when spread across two pages in the brochure and through the gutter.
I've always had headaches when using bulk rolled film. When I wind it onto the spool, I tape the tail down, which is fine for an auto advance SLR or RF.


The Horizon 202 has a long and tortured film path, which is why you need to advance the film (& cock the drum) slowly, else the sprockets can tear the film. Also, cocking it slowly is needed so you can feel the end of the film: With bulk loaded cassettes it's easy to tear the tape off, forcing you to unload & respool the film in a changing bag.

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