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I had posted regarding shadow density issues earlier in this thread and got no responses. The current message activity in here got me pulling out 510 info and I re-ran a film test on HP5+. I love the fine grain, midtones and controlled highlights but the shadows are so dead and empty for me. My blue channel (I don't have UV) curves bear this out, too. I really feel that I have given this soup a fair amount of trial and by the time I get shadow detail to emerge, I'm at extremes of the curve and struggle to get tones to paper as I would like. Is anyone else struggling with this? This developer seems to have people very polarized as to their affections for it. If I could solve my low zone density issues, I would love the stuff. I'll admit to not being a soot and chalk fan so perhaps I'm more sensitive to the behavior?
Craig, what was the agitation you used? What were you rating the HP5+ at?