Well well well, our little community certainly has changed. It seems some people just can't bury the axe except in someones back.

I have been getting all kinds of PM's from people who feel empathy for Jeff but are afraid to post to this thread as they feel their post may be butchered or deleted. Some fear future retribution if any positive things are said about Jeff.

This saddens me. What has APUG come to?

I can full well imagine the headaches Jeff gave the moderators but come on people he's a human being in pain. Show a little compassion. I must say I have suffered the crossbow shots from Jeff as well, but I feel I can look at things on a bit higher plain, and still relate to his suffering on a human to human level.

Maybe it's true what others say about us (APUG) on the other photo web boards.

Oh ya and don't dare post the address (even just the city) of some photographer you might know that is giving courses or workshops on analog photography if they are not an APUG member. That it seems is against APUG regulations.