Interesting . . . I also have a 1937 AGFA Jsolette, and mostly shoot with it in 6x4.5 configuration. Mine has been with me for the last four years, a gift from a friend of mine. They are somewhat rare, even if not super desirable. I had to patch the leather bellows on mine with T-shirt printing ink, but it has held up well enough to shoot transparency film in it.

Currently running a 1935 Wirgin Edinex through the paces after a partial restoration. While not an easy camera to use, it is enjoyable. I hope the images come out nicely.

Recently machined a Linhof board so I could mount an old lens onto my 4x5 and try some portraits. That lens is now my oldest of old gear, an 1853 Holmes, Booth & Haydens 1/4 plate lens (just covers 4x5 at ∞, fine at portrait distances). I will hopefully get to try this one soon.


Gordon Moat
A G Studio