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There's a good webpage on the Kodak website about the history of the Grand Central Colorama.
I'll have to check it out.

Those "Coloramas" were always a special treat. I didn't get to see them as often as the commuters out of Westchester and CT did, since I had less reason to pass through GCT then they did every weekday. But every time I did so - they were something to behold.

Oh, it's true that it was an ad medium for Kodak. But the Great Yellow Father kept the logo "discreet" in the lower righthand corner (as I recall?) so as not to distract one's eye from the actual image.

And what images they were. I remember one of a Kodiak grizzly bear in an on rushing stream, wagging off water beads from his coat with a salmon clenched between his teeth.

Talk about wild and wet - an image at billboard size I'll never forget.

Oh, and yes, 100% film!