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Hey ian, your comment is inflamatory and insulting. Misleading?

There was no intent to inflame or insult.

The fact remains. In many situations you do not need a release to publish.

I was going to use a story of a nice English cottage that sued for mis captioning in an editorial but the details were a little long and I didn't feel like researching it to make sure my facts were straight. The crawford example seemed straightforward enough for most people to get the point... hmmm

The size of a persons bank account or how famous they are does not change the law... or at least how we as photographers should approach it.

Stating that you need a release before you publish amounts to blatant misinformation. I'm sorry you feel insulted that I corrected this but... If you said the times for txp320 @ 1600 was 2.5 minutes in D76 at 50 F. I'd step up and correct you as well.