I just received a Mamiya Universal that I bought on Ebay. This is the first viewfinder camera I've owned (aside from polaroids and p&s), so I'm very unfamiliar with the way everything works. The description was;

"Mamiya Universal medium format camera. This camera has the 100mm lens. All functions work great.The back is a 6x9."

Unfortunately, the shutter release from the pistol grip (is that the right term?) is broken; I attached a picture below. Also, the light seals are in very bad condition, on the camera and on the 6x9 back. I plan on sending the guy I bought it from an email about these problems, but I wanted to ask a few questions of anyone familiar with the camera first.

First, are the light seals worth mentioning, or should I consider that a given with an older camera like this? Second, I thought that maybe I should quote a price on getting the shutter cable repaired or replacing the grip... anybody have an idea what either of these would cost? Lastly, the camera came with a Mamiya-Sekor 100mm f/3.5 lens. The lens is made to collapse into itself a bit and it must be pulled out fully to use, or the focus will be off. Perhaps I'm missing something, but when I pull it out fully and twist it slightly everything seems fine. Then I go to adjust ss or ap in a counter-clockwise motion and the lens collapses down. Should it be locking in place? Is this another defect?

Any help and advice is much appreciated. Again, I'm unfamiliar with the camera, so any other help not related to this particular issue is helpful too.



P.S. I've never used a synch cord for a flash before. But I'm gonna need one now, aren't I?