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FP4+ and Efke PL100 are attractive fine-grained films to my eye. If you don't process your own film, you probably should avoid Efke and the other less common brands. If you shoot Readyload/Quickload, your options are limited to T-Max 100 (very fine grained, but you may or may not like the tonality) and Fuji Acros (interesting film but also a very particular look that may or may not be appealing to you).
Thanks David. I haven't done B&W in about 20 years, but I'm very impressed by the work of John Sexton. I really prefer a slower film that will give me the tonal range I am looking for (after which I will tone the prints). Since I primarly will be shooting Velvia F100 a film like FP4+ would allow me to shoot without having to rest my meter everytime I change film. Plus, when I was shooting B&W I was pretty much an Ilford man (FP4, HP5, XP2).