My comment on this is that everyone assumes that "art" is one and the same for everyone--something eternal, like a Platonic idea. I maintain that art is a purely subjective phenomenon. What is art for one person may well be garbage for another. I have seen what some consider pornography that I personally feel is art. I have seen the Mark Rothko paintings at the MLK memorial in Houston (for which an incredible sum was paid), but I think they are garbage. Even if there is such a thing as "significant form," as articulated by Susanne K. Langer, it relies on a subjective "feeling" being evoked in the percipient, which "feeling" can only be subjective and may therefore differ from one subject to another. The "feeling" evoked may be rapture or revulsion. I have no doubt that for some people Joel Peter Witkin's work is high art--I appreciate some of it myself.