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Ladies and gentlemen, we do seem to be getting ourselves into something of a lather over this Photoshop thing, do we not?
I guess stable boys and blacksmiths felt the same way when Henry Ford started knocking out Tin Lizzies at a dime a dozen, causing the horseshoe trade to bomb.
The fact is that Photoshop, like the Spinning Jenny is here, and it ainít going away; so learn to love it, or ignore it, but please donít keep prattling on about it. Itís boring!
My prattle is about the way it is taught in conjunction with photography. It is not photography that is being taught. That is tertirary in importance in todays photography classes dealing with digital. PS as a tool to create art in a borad sense is fine. I rile at the fact it is not the art of photography, it is the art of photoshop. Call it by its true name.