It appears that I have become a victim of my own post today...with a Universal, Rochester Optical Company Whoe plate (6.5x8.5) camera coming home with me from a local camera show.

Seems a little TLC will be needed to have it film worthy and to be honest when I decided to 'purchase' the camera the intent was to just pass it on to someone that was wanting a whole plate (or is it full plate) camera. BUT, after sitting down with the camera I have to say it is a really nice camera and with a few of the minor items corrected would make a nice shooter...and somehow that format starts to grow on you - it sure seems nicer than the square of 8x10, and the size of the rig is much smaller than the 8x10 Korona I have. Plus there is something about using another old camera and putting it back into use that seems to satisfy some interal voice within that I really can't explain.

So now to start to work on it, clean it up, maybe repair/replace what needs work and find a film holder (or 3 or 4) and some film to go in said Whole Plate guys .... would never have consider this if you had not been making all those post.

yeah that's it, it couldn't be some weakness in my own personality that caused this, need to blame everyone that mentioned....awwwwwww Heck!! Just a sucker for one of those 100 y/o plus cameras and I know it. Who needs standard formats anyhow...