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Tray development and minimal, extreme minimal, semi-stand and stand development were discussed in the AZO forum at some depth. The conclusion is that these procedures work best when the film is allowed to stay vertical (e.g. in tubes or drums or tanks) during the non-agitation periods. Adjacency effects (i.e. increased apparent sharpness) does not get as pronounced when the film lays flat. I believe that adverse artifacts may occur as well.
Francesco and Jim, I think the apparent difference of opinion is caused by the distinction between tray processing and slosher processing. The PF and Summitek sloshers are very smooth surfaced and vented (sides, corners and bottom) trays within trays.

I have done comparison tests with tanks and sloshers and the results were virtually identical. With 8x10 and semi-stand development, my preference is the slosher.