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Ladies and gentlemen, we do seem to be getting ourselves into something of a lather over this Photoshop thing, do we not?
I guess stable boys and blacksmiths felt the same way when Henry Ford started knocking out Tin Lizzies at a dime a dozen, causing the horseshoe trade to bomb.
The fact is that Photoshop, like the Spinning Jenny is here, and it ainít going away; so learn to love it, or ignore it, but please donít keep prattling on about it. Itís boring!
It may not effect you in any way but it's definitely having a huge impact on my ability to learn. I need feed back and I can't for the life of me GET feed back because all the "critique" boards focus heavily on how to "manipulate" your images, rather than how to "photograph" good images.

More and more photography is seeming to be a fruitless effort for me. I'm sinking out here because I have no peers or I just can't get the kind of input I need to grow and improve.

No one ever tells digital users to stop beating up on analog users but people are forever telling analog users to stop complaining about the ways they are effected by the digital craze. Funny how that works.