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It may not effect you in any way but it's definitely having a huge impact on my ability to learn. I need feed back and I can't for the life of me GET feed back because all the "critique" boards focus heavily on how to "manipulate" your images, rather than how to "photograph" good images.
That's a great point, Anyte. Often not considered in the whole debate is how the begining photographer is affected by the emphasis on digital. "Fix it in photoshop" doesn't help someone take a decent photo in the first place, including the hows and whys of composition and other important, cross-platform knowledge. With more and more schools shutting down their "wet photography" departments I imagine it is very difficult for the newbie to find good, personalized guidance. Hopefully Sean is giving serious consideration to the APUG Mentor Program I suggested a few weeks ago. And Les McLean already made the offer to help others, so maybe PM him and see if he can give you some cyber one-on-one? (And I hope he doesn't mind me volunteering him )