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IMO a photograph is not a photograph until it is on paper, I don't care what medium, ink jet, llfocIhrome etc, etc.
So slides don't count Jorge? What could be more purely analogue than a tranny?

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Unfortunately we don't see much color work here. Which is something I would like to see more, Mrcallow had some very nice images at ebay, I would have like to see some here, b.e.wilson also does some very nice work, c'mon color people get posting! you all know my preference is B&W, but it is getting boring here.
Colour work is so much more difficult to do well via analogue means, so I don't think you'll ever see a large number of posts with colour photos in this forum. A shame, but that's just the way it is these days.

I shoot colour almost exclusively, but to get from my trannies to prints, I go via the computer. That's somewhat frowned upon here, so I don't post anything at all. I could indeed show you scans of my trannies, but they would forever be doubted as "manipulated", so there's not much point.

Anyway, enjoy the B&Ws - that's what most people on APUG shoot anyway.