the analogy you mentioned, comparing an oil painting to a pencil sketch is to some degree valid, but if you want to be more precise, let's compare a miniature oil painting to a "large size" oil painting. I've seen 16th century miniatures , no larger than 5X7 inces that were so rich in detail, it must have taken the artist over one hundred hours to complete. On the other hand, I've seen really large scale paintings that, after many intial sketches, took no longer than an hour to complete.

So let's try and eliminate the size issue here. I'm sure there are 35mm shooters out there that are every bit as selective as an LF shooter. If there were such a thing as a moterized 8X10" camera, I'm sure there would be some people ready and willing to "waste the film".
But that's the point. Shooting first, and then "seeing" on the editing table is coming real close to nothing more than just getting lucky.

For years I shot fashion and it was not uncommon to shoot 2-120 rolls per shot and then say, "atleast one good one has got to be in there..." and then move on.