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APUG has been wonderful in the way photographs have been critiqued - I can&#39;t see any of the pettyness, ego bashing, or pompous posturing infecting some of the other sites in the web world.

Significantly, we here on APUG have the courage to write in our critiques, &quot;Damn - I LIKE this - and I wouldn&#39;t change a thing.&quot; where it is appropriate. </td></tr></table><span class='postcolor'>
I agree with the first part 100% OTOH personally I don&#39;t need to be stroked I need all the little faults that I might ignore pointed out. It&#39;s critical for a reason. Don&#39;t call me an idiot but that doesn&#39;t mean you can&#39;t honestly point out my failings. If I ever manage something worth being looked at then don&#39;t be shy.

Maybe I&#39;m old school but everything can be improved and that&#39;s the reason behind asking for some one to offer an opinion.