Brrrrr, zelf coaten!

De enige die ik weet die lenzen kan hercoaten is Arax:

15 USD per oppervlak. Je moet de lens dan wel zelf demonteren en enkel het glas naar hen opsturen. En krijg die elementen dan maar eens terug op de juiste plaats...


For non coated lenses, ARAX company made custom Multi-Coating on ARSENAL factory. The sophisticated seven-layer dielectric coatings are vacuum-deposited on glass-to-air surfaces to reduce internal reflection, increase transmission efficiency and enhance contrast.
Leica, Carl Zeiss Jena, all other lenses could be polished and multi-coated for $30 for one glass independent from the lens size.
You should send the glass only without any metallic parts and rings. For bulk order you'll have discounts. E-mail us for details.

We process only the glass elements which would be stripped out of the metal rings and other containers that hold them in place in the lenses. We could clean the old glue off the partially separated lenses, clean off old surface coating, then re-coat and re-glue the lenses, package them, and return them. In other words, we would not even have to deal with replacing broken parts of the lenses; only with the optical elements themselves.
We don't want to risk to brake lenses from metallic rings. And we not like to unglue the glasses from each other because of risk of damaging. The point is that we want to minimize the damaging risk. Anyway you should know that along processing, lens damaging possible and we can not take full responsible for that.