I had HDR explained to me as trying to make digital do what film does already. Film already has a high dynamic range - that's why you can dodge and burn and splitgrade to your heart's content. Unfortunately, bad HDR looks kind of like a poor dodge&burn job with haloing etc. I have to be honest but that's what bugs me more about HDR-type photos than the details.

On the other hand, maybe this is why I find St. Ansel photos so awful. Most of his photos have far too much detail for me to like. I always thought it was purely the subject matter not interesting me but maybe it's a combination of that and the excessive detail.

somewhat offtopic question, is bokeh really just depth of field? Or do I just know dumb digiphotogs who use it as a synonym for depth of field? I could have sworn it was more specific to the lens and aperture than just "the fuzzy out of focus bit of the picture".