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I went on their last one. Not bad, but we didn't actually make it over to the container port, so I just might go again. Kill van Kull is always great for ships and tugs.
For the last cruise (August 8) our plans were to sail as far as Shooter's Island at the western end of Kill van Kull. The captain turned too soon and we didn't make it. Due to sound problems, we couldn't communicate with him while we were underway. Won't happen on October 8.

If there's a container ship loading at Howland Hook, we'll take head over there. Otherwise we go right into Newark Bay as far as Port Newark. We can't go into the channels due to security restrictions, but we can get close.

Also, the majority of the crowd were non-photography types "of a certain age" who wanted to sit inside and look out the windows of the upper deck. They got in a huff when we were lined up, standing at the rails and blocking their view.
The hardcore photographers are up front on the top deck, or on the bow downstairs. The cruise is run as a sightseeing tour, not a photo tour. There were 300 people aboard. I'd say about 10% of the crowd was there strictly to take photos. The rest only wanted a nice sunset cruise, which is what they got. I didn't take too many photos August 8th but I did get one or two keepers.