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I spoke with the seller yesterday evening and he will be shipping it out today 2nd day air.
He also gave me a good price on a New in the box now discountinued A16S film magazine for Super Slides. ($135.00)
Hell my investment is well under 1K for a new motor driven Hasselblad and back.
All I need now is a good HQ lens.
I checked with KEH and by the looks of the items and the grade ratings you are getting pre-owned tools with a lot of miles.
High miles are not always a problem but the stupid miles are.
You can look at cosmetics in many different ways.
I used to pour house foundations when I was a teenager ( Concrete form work ) and I still have that beat and pawked marked 28oz east wing hammer.
She can do the same job as a new one off the shelf, and I wouldn't trade her for anything.
I've bought a lot from KEH and the ratings are very much in our favor as consumers. Apparently "Ex" means "Someone took it out of the box."