Hi all,

If you are, or happen to know, a former member or volunteer at Zoom In, or if you took one of Zoom In's many photo or printing courses over the years then I would like to hear from you.

In January 2008 Zoom In, in Clapham, south London, will be marking its 10 year anniversary with a celebration that will include a large exhibition of the work of current and former students, members and volunteers.

Over the last ten years as other public darkrooms and printing courses in London have ceased to exist Zoom In has grown, from a small space with few volunteers, to a lively educational facility that serves the public with courses in analogue and digital photography and has broadened the minds of hundreds of young people through its various outreach programs.

We think this is something that is definitely worth celebrating, and we would love it if people who have been around Zoom In at any point over the last ten years could join in.

Please drop me a line via this site or you can get me at amoodie@zoom-in.org.