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I'm really sorry, but your explanation of the world just flies in the face of how I understand color and black & white to be.....

If I need to choose between you and Calvin.... sorry..

On a more serious note, I agree the posters that feel that good B&W images emphasize the shapes, the tones, and texture. I think that compelling color images are harder to make, since the the color needs to enhance the other aspects of the picture, not detract from it. I do hope to get better at it - I'm taking some color photography classes at a local art college - perhaps I'll get it some day.

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Cheers "copake ham" for the blunt-force sarcasm, enjoyed that. I agree with your sentiment. I've heard quite a few photographers say "I just don't like colour" and, after my gag reflex has abated, I just shake my head internally. It doesn't matter. I guess B & W work is habit-forming because it's easy and cheap to develop films yourself ... heck, this is probably true of me. And it's probably a good thing for photography that quite a few good photographers work only in B & W.

As you can see from Jon's post - my idea was certainly not original. In fact, I had some memory of the Calvin and Hobbes comicstrip story he links to, though not the actual link itself and kind of turned the logic around. "C and H" used to be one of my favorite comic strips. Bill Watterson's wit and wisdom is well regarded:


It's too bad he felt burnt out and stopped the strip.

I shoot both B&W and color, BTW.