I am always uncomfortable critiquing others work. Sure sometimes it can be helpfull to give some input on cropping or exposure or lighting. Maybe give some advice on composition. But I wonder what if Robert Frank or Lee Friedlander or jack Dykinga (sp) other famous potogs posted as unkowns. I can see it now, a post by one E. Smith of "Tomoko and Her Mother" ( the famous photo of the mercury poisoned daughter being bathed).

Many critiques would say:

Need to show more detail in the shadows!

- You seem to have used only a single overhead light, perhaps a couple of additional 500W strobes would even the illumination.
- To much contrast!
- To Much grain!
- Try to increase exposure and decrease development next time.

On most critique sites it seems people are to concerned about technical proficiency and don't even look at what the images have to say.