Ok, here's the deal: for what I had in mind for this print exchange let's go with following set of standards.
1. this is about sharing what can be done in lith printing with enfasis on the process and not on the value of the prints themselves (I plan on sending out some nice prints and I'm sure everyone else will do their best as well)
2. print size and presentation will not have any requirements
3. it will be open to anyone who wants to print in lith with everyone saying how experienced they are just so we can mix up the groups
4. this exchange will be international

Sorry we can't accomodate everyone's wishes here. Possibly someone might want to initiate a "finished print exchange" with standards that aren't so loose.

Here's a list of those who wanted to join, if you change your mind or I missed you, let me know.

Magnus W
T nunn
Gay Larson
Mark Mombarg
tim walls
Thomas Bertilsson
Mark Fisher

Some things we need to decide on would be the date that prints should be sent by and the number of people per group. I'm thinking 4 per group and whatever combo of 3 in a group to make the numbers work.