Large. That must mean 5x7 or larger? Contact means the print will be the size of the negative, right? I'm thinking this through out loud.

How does platinum/palladium look different? I'm thinking I'd need to really like the smaller (120) image a lot to go through the process of making a larger negative... I can't imagine how you would do that, but it sounds like a real challenge.

I've not figured out why yet, but mostly my smaller negatives look better (as far as exposure goes) than my 120. I know it shouldn't be that way and I'm working on it with my Hasselblad. I have a few 120 images that I really like, but otherwise those negatives just mostly seem to lack something. In exposure, I think. Of course the large negative is nicer, but something else is wrong. I don't mean to wander to another issue... just thinking about having a negative I like enough to dig so deeply as making a new negative.

Most of the images I love came from my little old Nikon FG.